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Please welcome Gavin McLauchlan, our new commercial director

March 28th, 2013

I’m very pleased to introduce you all to Gavin McLauchlan, our new commercial director.


Gavin has spent the last thirteen years or so working in TV Technology, mostly over IP.

During this time he’s worked on the launch of Freeview whilst at the BBC, sold to and helped launch NetTV in Delhi, and he’s also been very involved with the launch of BT Vision - both driving the strategy while he worked for BT and then selling in and launching Vision whilst at Microsoft.

Before entering the media space he was a retail loyalty specialist (Sainsbury’s / Boots / Asda), a market researcher (Nielsen’s), and he also has a degree in genetics.

He’s got an excellent network of contacts across the European media industry and he’s very much looking forward to start working with us, building a team, and drive our commercial efforts in Europe. Gavin will also spend part of his time looking after the best interests of ourTDF Media Servicessister companies in the UK.

Gavin is a bit of a gadget freak, with 132,000 MP3 files, 1000’s of films and about 250,000 photographs for him and his family (wife, Zoe, and three daughters). He assures me that it’s all legal!

In addition to this he used to be a very fanatical rugby player which recently led him to have some serious spine surgery, so treat him gently to start off with, and think twice before you start a career in rugby!

Over the next weeks he’ll spend time with us in London, Madrid and Paris and you’ll all get to know him. Please wish him a warm BeBanjo welcome.

Originally published by Bastian Manintveld.

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