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Please vote and help us win: BeBanjo at the Streaming Media Awards

September 15th, 2012

Streaming Media Awards

Hi Everyone!

We’d like to ask your help again to vote for us. We’ve nominated our new Metadata product for a Streaming Media award this year. This product helps our customers manage a single set of metadata across multiple platforms in a very efficient way without needing to worry about the technical aspects and specifications of each platform

Both our other products, Movida and Sequence, have won awards in the past, and since this is a popular award where each vote counts, you can make a real difference in helping us win. Therefore we’d like to ask all of you, and anyone else you can beg, borrow or steal a vote from to vote for BeBanjo’s Metadata product.

Helping us win should only take 2 minutes of your time. There are three steps:

  1. Go to: http://www.streamingmediaglobal.com/ReadersChoice/2012/Vote.aspx
  2. Fill in your name and email address
  3. Vote for us!

We are nominated in the following category: Cloud Video Service: BeBanjo’s Metadata

You don’t have to vote for any of the other categories unless you want to, but we’d really appreciate it you can also vote for our sister companies QBrick in the Online Video Platform and Streaming Services Provider categories, and SmartJog (or QBrick again) in the Delivery Network category. We realise that some of you may have other ideas about this because of where you work…

Your vote really helps us to get the message out that BeBanjo rocks at helping teams managing video-on-demand services do a better job. Voting closes next week, so please do it as soon as you can.

Thanks for your time!

Originally published by Bastian Manintveld.

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