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New in Sequence: Filtering jobs by assigned user

February 8th, 2012

Ever wanted to quickly find all jobs with tasks assigned to a given user? For instance, at the end of a long shift, a user may want to find all the jobs with tasks assigned to them, in order to hand the tasks over to a workmate. They would like to:

  1. Go to the Work page.
  2. Filter the page to only show titles containing tasks assigned to them.
  3. Select all the titles shown, click “Work with Tasks” and re-assign the tasks to a workmate.

Good news is, users can do just that with a new Sequence feature released today.

We have introduced a new drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the Work page. It is labelled: “With tasks assigned to”.

Select User

The drop-down menu contains the list of all users of the Sequence account. Select a user in the drop-down menu, and the Work page will refresh to only show jobs containing tasks assigned to the selected user.


From there, you can work with tasks, notes, etc. in the usual fashion. We hope this new feature will make your life easier, particularly at the end of that long shift.

Originally published by François Chabat.

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New in Sequence: Adding tasks and notes to multiple titles

January 2nd, 2012

Happy new year!

We start 2012 by releasing two new great features to Sequence: adding tasks and notes to multiple titles at once. Yee-haw!

Adding a task to multiple titles

In Sequence it is often useful to add new tasks to a given job, apart from the ones it was created with. This is handy when you need to deal with special cases or problems, or when a very specific task needs to be assigned to someone.

Sometimes, however, and specially when dealing with episodes of a series or with multiple titles from the same licensor, you need to create the same task for multiple jobs. Now you will be able to do just that, instead of doing it title by title!

To add a task to multiple titles at once, you can select some titles on the Work page and click Add a new task when working with tasks:

Adding a Note 1

You will see a form to enter the details for the new task:

Adding a Note 2

While typing the name of the task, Sequence will give you a list of the existing tasks in the current video service so that you can reuse any of them:

Adding a Note 3

Finally, you can select where you want to insert the new task: at the beginning, at the end or before or after any of the tasks that the selected titles have in common:

Adding a Note 4

Adding a note to multiple titles

Adding a note to several titles is now extremely fast. In the Work page, you will see a new item named Notes in the Work with menu. This will be your entry point for adding a new note to multiple titles.

Add Notes to Multiple 1

You will see this screen after having selected some titles and clicked Notes:

Add Notes to Multiple 2

In this case, we have selected 3 titles but we have finally decided to add a note to 2 titles (which already had some notes). If you fill in the note and click Save then the note will have been added to the selected titles.

Add Notes to Multiple 3

We hope that you find these new features very useful.

Originally published by Pablo Alonso.

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