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Stand-up programming?

September 25th, 2008

BeBanjo at the Bleeding Edge of Productivity Innovation

So, Jorge convinced me of the merits of pair-programming a while back. In short this basically involves two programmers/engineers working off the same computer simultaneously.

At BeBanjo we always like to be at the very forefront of innovation. Today standup-trio-programming was invented here. A wiki will be made available once the scientists have figured out whether this makes sense or not..

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Getting started

September 24th, 2008

First two months: What we spent time on

When we started BeBanjo back in April, we had a rough idea of what we were going to do. Other then typical startup logistics (bank account, lawyer, notary, office etc.) the first couple of months for us were really about deciding what we were going to build, in which order and how we going to build it.

We looked at the technological alternatives for us to build our software on. (We went with Ruby on Rails)

We were very lucky in the sense that we had a couple of telco’s doing IPTV, and some friends from within the TV industry, who made themselves and their teams available to us, so we could bounce our ideas around. This was very helpful, since it really enabled us to go very quickly from the “wide” vision we had when we started the company, into a much more detailed understanding of what our customers real problems were, before starting to build the software.

So, at the end of this period we had a pretty good idea of what we were going to do and how we were going to do it.

We basically fine-tuned our vision, and laid the foundations for its execution.

This was for us the moment to start hiring, which I’ll deal with in a separate post.

First two months: What we didn’t spend time on

We didn’t really spent a lot of time (yet) on getting our website in order, or getting a corporate identity or anything like that. All we did in terms of corporate identity was to order some business cards from an online printshop. At this time we didn’t feel it was important, since we didn’t have anything to sell to a wider audience yet. Most of our initial prospects are actually people either Jorge or I have dealt with in the past.

The key focus for us was to get our story right (see previous section) and get the first client.

Message to startups: Without a customer you don’t exist.

Originally published by Bastian Manintveld.

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