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What happens once a content deal is done: Traffic

December 9th, 2008

A content licensing deal gives the buyer (licensee) the right to display the content from the seller (licensor) for a specific period of time on an specific distribution platform in a specific country. The time during which a licensee has the right to display a specific title is called that title’s “window”.

Once the deal has closed, it’s up to the licensor to ship materials (DigiBeta tapes, DVD’s, music cue-sheets, transcripts, box art, EPK’s, subtitle files, additional audio tracks etc.) This usually happens a set time before the window’s start date.

The Human Side of Traffic

The other day I was visiting a media company at an undisclosed location somewhere in Europe and I took this picture to show you the human side of “materials traffic”. ;-)

When I asked the gentleman pushing the cart if it was OK to take the picture he mentioned that this cart was pretty empty. Usually these are filled to the brim.

I have a limited edition BeBanjo post-it pad for the first one to correctly guess where I took this picture. Your best guesses in the comments please… I know, I know… not so generous, but we’re still a start-up, so this is as good as it gets for now.

In the coming months I hope to write more articles about the workings behind the scenes of all these TV channels and services that millions of people watch everyday. Stay tuned.

Originally published by Bastian Manintveld.

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We speak at Rails Conf Spain!

November 12th, 2008

Speaker at Rails Conf Spain

This year BeBanjo is all over the place at the Conferencia Rails Hispana!

Sergio Gil, our latest addition to the team, widely known as porras in the Ruby On Rails community and three year in a row speaker at the conference will talk (or should I say “teach”) as only he can about Ruby On Rails best practices.

Raimond Garcia, our man from Mallorca, wizard of anything Ruby, Cucumber, Capistrano… will be showing us how to express behaviour in plain text with Cucumber with Nando García from The Cocktail, another heavy weight in the Rails community.

And I will join LuisMi Cavallé, hacker extraordinaire and our lead developer man, in trying to share and discuss with the community how we work and how it all gravitates around user stories in BDD from the trenches. Keep an eye out for my next post for a sneak-peek.

See you all there!!

Originally published by Jorge Gómez.

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