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Join the banjo revolution

January 28th, 2009


More and more companies are getting on the Banjo bandwagon. This is definitely becoming a trend. Microsoft now has a Banjo Blog online.


Originally published by Bastian Manintveld.

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'tis the season

December 22nd, 2008

Last week we had our first BeBanjo Christmas party. The festivities mostly consisted of consuming obscene amounts of red meat and loads of red wine. We had T-Shirts made for everyone with something that helps us to stay focussed (WWCTBWWGT).

However, there was also time for some serious talk.

WWCTBWWGT - We Will Cross That Bridge When We Get There

Towards the end of the party, Jorge and I did a recap of what we accomplished this year, and gave an overview of what’s coming up for 2009.

It’s been a very stimulating time since we started the company. What I’m particularly proud of is that we managed to assemble a team of A-players who are all leaders in their fields. Everyone is fully bi-lingual and very involved in the international community whether it comes to usability/design, Ruby on Rails (our development framework), or the international TV community.

To the BeBanjo Team: Together we’ve accomplished an amazing amount in a very short period of time. We’ve rocked in 2008, and we’ll rock even harder in 2009! Thanks and a big hug.

To those we’ve encountered on the way: I wish you the best for 2009! Thanks for trusting in us, stimulating us, helping/supporting us and driving us to succeed in our mission.

Being Banjo we are really looking forward to make our statement , earn our respect and be successful in each of our professional communities during 2009 and I’m positive that during next year’s Christmas party we’ll have even more things we can look back on with pride.

Happy holidays.

Originally published by Bastian Manintveld.

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