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Quick impressions from day one at The Cable Show in Los Angeles

May 12th, 2010

Day 1 at the Cable Show. Highlights and impressions:

  • Started of at Kinko’s to get business cards with our new logo, and handouts for Movida printed.
  • The Cable Show is big, but it’s a lot smaller then IBC in Amsterdam. I’d say a third of the size. Reason is probably that The Cable Show just caters to the US market, and IBC is international.
  • Had a couple of interviews with industry publications. Let’s hope it will lead to some press for BeBanjo.
  • Meetings with a couple of Hollywood studios, a couple of the big US TV Networks, Hotel VOD and a well known adult entertainment company.
  • Invitation to speak about VOD at the annual summit for all affiliates of a major US TV network is in the bag!
  • The BeBanjo launch cocktail was a cosy and intimate affair with a wonderful view as you can see from the pictures.
  • Ran into several old friends and familiar faces.

Enjoy the pictures! More tomorrow.

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Introducing Movida

May 7th, 2010

We’re very excited to tell you about Movida…

Movida is the biggest thing we’ve done since we started the company. It’s a product which we think has the ability to completely change the way in which broadcasters and VOD Service operators manage their VOD Services.

Movida manages rights, scheduling and metadata in a beautiful, highly automated way.

There’s more information on our website and here’s a 4 minute video that tells you everything you need to know:


Movida for TV Channels

Movida makes the management of Catch-Up VOD Services a breeze . In the US catch-up is more commonly known as TV Everywhere.

E.g. If you missed Lost on your TV channel, you can view it on several VOD services a day later.

In order to make this a reality, a TV Channel needs to track rights and manage scheduling and metadata for each episode/title on each of the platforms on which it distributes its content. Many channels either do this manually using Excel sheets/Emails etc., or with a combination of legacy systems.

In Movida it’s all based on rules, where you set a rule for rights and scheduling for a platform once, and then Movida automatically takes care of the rest. Movida can even export rights, scheduling and metadata automatically to each VOD distribution platform when using our API’s.

In practice this means that Movida dramatically increases a VOD team’s productivity. It enables them to focus on reaching a wider audience and generate more revenues from their existing content rights.

Movida for VOD Operators

Movida ensures that you have an up to date overview of your rights across all platforms, devices and business models. You can find more information about Movida on our new website at: http://bebanjo.com/movida

Movida has a sexy, user-friendly interface, that lets you schedule library, archive and acquired content with ease and helps to ensure that no rights are underutilized.

It enables you to distribute your schedule, rights information and metadata to multiple platforms automatically

Official Movida launch at The Cable Show/NCTA

We will officially launch Movida at the Cable Show (NCTA) in Los Angeles next week. Of course we’ll do it the BeBanjo way by throwing a cocktail party with margherita’s and mojito’s. I’ll be blogging about our progress in LA, so please stay tuned for that.

If you happen to be at the Cable Show/ LA and are interested in meeting up for a demo, please get in touch with

If you want to join us for a cocktail at the launch, please get in touch too.

NCTA Invitation

Originally published by Bastian Manintveld.

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