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New Sequence feature: Improved tasks reports and invoices

August 2nd, 2013

This summer comes full of new features for our products: very soon, our stunning title catalog in Movida will take metadata management to the next level, and today we have released a new feature in Sequence that allows our users to seamlessly invoice and report on the job done.

Previously, Sequence had very basic reporting and invoicing functionality that allowed our users to put together simple invoices and create reports from completed tasks. However, we realized that its design was rather convoluted and didn’t provide the best experience possible to our users. As a consequence, we completely redesigned it in order to:

  • Dramatically reduce the number of steps needed to create invoices and task reports.
  • Provide advanced filtering functionality to facilitate finding the relevant tasks amongst all the jobs done.
  • Make it performant, beautiful, and pleasant to use.

As a result, users can quickly filter through the history of all completed tasks to narrow those that will be added to an invoice. Here is how:

Also, invoices can be easily filtered and locked to avoid modifications, and both invoices and processed tasks on their own can be exported to Excel and CSV; all of this with just a couple of clicks.

We are confident this feature will ease our users’ lives. We hope you like it too!

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