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New in Sequence: Filtering jobs by task status

April 18th, 2012

As part of our efforts to make managing Video On Demand operations easier and faster, we have just released a new and highly requested Sequence feature: it is now possible to filter jobs by their tasks’ status (pending/completed). We hope this feature will help our customers to work faster!

The new filter is in the filters area and contains all the tasks that are part of any of the company’s task templates:

Task Filters

The filter is quite easy to use: a tri-state checkbox is shown beside each task for users to choose which jobs to display based on their tasks’ statuses.

The example below shows how a user would display only the jobs which tasks Encoding and Quality Controlled have been completed and which task Metadata is still pending, independently of the status of task “Distribute”:

Tasks and Statuses

This is how the results page looks like after applying a filter by tasks status:

Sequence Filter

Of course, this new filter can be combined with any of the existing ones (by tag, licensor or assigned user) for an even more powerful filtering experience.

We hope you like it!

Originally published by Pablo Alonso.

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