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New in Sequence: Filtering jobs by assigned user

February 8th, 2012

Ever wanted to quickly find all jobs with tasks assigned to a given user? For instance, at the end of a long shift, a user may want to find all the jobs with tasks assigned to them, in order to hand the tasks over to a workmate. They would like to:

  1. Go to the Work page.
  2. Filter the page to only show titles containing tasks assigned to them.
  3. Select all the titles shown, click “Work with Tasks” and re-assign the tasks to a workmate.

Good news is, users can do just that with a new Sequence feature released today.

We have introduced a new drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the Work page. It is labelled: “With tasks assigned to”.

Select User

The drop-down menu contains the list of all users of the Sequence account. Select a user in the drop-down menu, and the Work page will refresh to only show jobs containing tasks assigned to the selected user.


From there, you can work with tasks, notes, etc. in the usual fashion. We hope this new feature will make your life easier, particularly at the end of that long shift.

Originally published by François Chabat.

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