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New features in Sequence

October 5th, 2009

After focusing on a new (soon to be announced) product during August, in September our focus shifted back to our current product, Sequence; today we release new features in Sequence, as well as a few improvements to existing ones.

New “processed vs. scheduled” graph

We have replaced our old graph for a much more granular, more precise version, which will give our users a better outlook of upcoming work.

New Processed vs. Scheduled Graph in Sequence

Browse titles by month

As the number of scheduled titles grows, the amount of paging required to get to a given set of titles sometimes is too much. It is now possible to browse straight through to a given month by selecting it in the month dropdown; browsing by month works in combination with the rest of the filters, like the content provider filter or the tags, so it is pretty handy.

Browse Titles by Month


Has the workflow changed? Anything to share with the whole team? Sequence Announcements are a great way to do it. As soon as one gets published, it will appear at the top of the page for everyone to see. They are easily dismissible once they are read, and in case someone misses one, past announcements can be found in the ‘announcements’ section.

New Announcements

Previous Announcements

Revamped users section

The whole Users section has been redesigned and expanded. It is now possible to see at a glance who has tasks assigned and how many, as well as who is active in the account.

Recent Activity and Assigned Tasks in Sequence New Users List

The user page has been expanded to include a detailed view of recent activity as well as of tasks assigned. The latter is accessible straight from the “Your tasks” section in the dashboard, where a new link to the user’s “assigned tasks page” is displayed if the number of assigned tasks grows.

Extended User Information

Workflow templates: Free form materials

Previously, when setting up the list of required materials within a workflow template in Sequence, you had to select from the list of materials available. This is now fully flexible and it is now possible to add materials that are not in the list.

Free Form Materials List in Workflow Templates

Workflow templates: Reordering tasks

It is now easy to change tasks order when creating a workflow template, something that was previously only possible on a title by title basis.

Reorder Tasks in Workflow Templates 1

Reorder Tasks in Workflow Templates 2

And more…

We have also taken advantage of this release to fix small annoyances that are never urgent to fix but that we think are important in order to provide a smooth user experience.

We hope you like it and we look forward to your feedback!

Originally published by Jorge Gómez.

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